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Get the Skills you need to Run your WordPress website like a pro!

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Group Class – $85
Private Class – $95

*Price per person, Per Class

Virtual & In-Person WordPress Training created for the not so technical. My Step-by-Step Group and Individual Private Classes are crafted to actually teach you and/or your team everything you need to know to run your WordPress Website like a Pro!  We’ll start with the Basics and Advance your skills with each class. Choose a Class below to Sign up today!

Wave & Web WordPress 101 Virtual Class with Josh

In-person Or Virtual Group Class

My Group Classes are the perfect way for your Team to Learn WordPress. I’ll ensure each member of your Team has a full understanding of each lesson.  You’ll always be on the same page when it comes to your Business or Project Website. Everyone will be able to run your Website like a Pro!

In-Person or Virtual Private Class

Private Classes give you the Personalized Attention you need to Learn WordPress on your own. Get the Skills you need to Launch any type of Website Project you’re passionate about. I’ll provide custom lesson plans designed just for you. You’ll be creating Professional WordPress Websites in no time!

Let’s Learn Together

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