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PeeKing Punkz

from the creator:

“Every minted PKP is one FUCK YOU to Ethereum Gas Fees !! Magic Eden is waiting for us !! PFP MINT ! Join our Discord ! Inspired by CryptoPunks !”

PeeKing Punkz #473
PeeKing Punkz #604
PeeKing Punkz #941
PeeKing Punkz #944
PeeKing Punkz #957
Peeking Punkz 987
PeeKing Punkz #1108
PeeKing Punkz #1112

flashy flamingos

from the creator:

“We are a community based NFT that gives away over 10% of our minted Mingos away in giveaways and by earning OG positions in our Discord. We believe NFTs should be breath-taking pieces of art, we have the talent and community to go the distance. We believe that the SOL ecosystem for both Cryptocurrency and NFTs is the best option and will have the future built around SOL. We will keep a large community bank that we will use for Floor Sweeps, promotions and giveaways to holders. If you hold 2 Mingos for 3 weeks you get a special SOL airdrop and surprise from Mutant Mingos!”

Flashy Flamingos NFT
Flashy Flamingos NFT's

Sol T-Shirt

Sol T-Shirt #2641 Solana NFT

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