How to Save a Higher Quality Image in Canva

How to Save a Higher Quality Image in Canva

Save your Canva Creations as a PDF Print File for Higher Quality Images in Just a Few Steps!

If you haven’t used Canva before, I’m sorry! Maybe you think Canva is limited and for newbies? If so, you’re wrong. Graphic Designers that keep up with the latest trends have made Canva their best friend. Maybe it’s not as powerful or as fancy as Photoshop, but there’s almost always a way to get the results you’re looking for – you just have to think outside of the box.

I’ve been using Canva for years! Since 2018 to be exact. I’ve learned lots of Tips and Tricks in those long 5+ years and am happy to share with the world to hopefully make your life easier, simpler, less stressed, hassle-free, and maybe even zen-like.  Or you can just follow the steps I provide and move on with your life like a thief in the night. It’s up to you. 

Let’s Dive in! Canva offers a variety of Save As formats from the Download Option of the Share module.  That’s the upper right button in your window if you’re using a Desktop browser.  (This tutorial  and most of my tutorials are aimed at Desktop users btw) Click the Share Button and then click Download. See Gif for a Visual Reference.

Canva Save As Format Options
Save As PDF Print

Step 1 – In the File Type Menu –  Select PDF Print 

Step 1 – In the File Type Menu –  Select PDF Print 

Save As PDF Print

Step 2: Convert the PDF Print File (image.pdf) to a PNG image for Higher Quality!

Download the Zip File
PDF to PNG Converters

I prefer to use an online converter such as PDF to PNG (

Once the File is Converted, download and unzip the folder. Open the Zip folder, copy the image file, and paste wherever you want. Use your brand new high quality photo for websites, graphic design, social media, digital marketing, or even Print!

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